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Center-Sinai Animal Hospital  
Serving the Los Angeles Community since 1969

10737 Venice Blvd.  
Los Angeles, CA 90034 
(310) 559-3770 

Full range of pet care and emergency  veterinary services available

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  Dr. Barry Baum. Chief of Staff, Center-Sinai Animal Hospital, West Los Angeles


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Both my Leopard Gecko's legs were broken this morning. What caused this? And what can I do?


Dear Dr. Baum --

Both my leopard Gecko's legs are dragging. I don't know what could have caused him to break both his legs at the same time. He was just like this when I woke up and he has a small cut on his leg too! It's weird.

Rochester, New York

Dear Bethea:

Obviously, trauma to the back or legs is responsible. The question is, how much trauma did it take? Many reptiles suffer from metabolic bone disease resulting from a diet which is too low in calcium, or in which the dietary calcium cannot be adequately absorbed due to lack of the sunshine vitamin, Vitamin D-1. This deficiency causes the bones to weaken resulting in pathological fractures. You can make sure you are providing enough Vitamin D-1 for your gecko by exposing him to sunlight, and there are also special full light spectrum light bulbs you can install over the terrarium.

Dr. B

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