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Center-Sinai Animal Hospital  
Serving the Los Angeles Community since 1969

10737 Venice Blvd.  
Los Angeles, CA 90034 
(310) 559-3770 

Full range of pet care and emergency  veterinary services available

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Share fun moments as Dr. B spins tales of pets and their people. Choose from the stories in our archives, below, and if you like, enjoy music as you read by clicking the woof button.

Scroll through the titles below to find a tail about pets and their people
by Dr. B




2003 Ina Hillebrandt

Breeding French Bulldogs...In the Time of Gestation
The Year of Perfect Symmetry
Meeting Bill Clinton
The Last Patient....or The Doctors Baum Meet theTooth Fairy
What's in a Name? The French Bulldog Family of Dr. B
A (French Bulldog) Family Affair! The Laila Tov Saga #9
The World' Greatest Patient!
The Laila Tov Saga #8, Dr. B, Dog Handler at Vallejo Dog Show!
A New Wrinkle in the Baum Family Dog Show Saga -- Judging
The Laila Tov Saga #7 Laila Tov Wins Again!
The Laila Tov Saga #6 Mothers and Daughters...and a Comer From the Family
The Laila Tov Saga #5 Laila Tov Wins "Select Dog"...and Surprise Contestants in the dog show
The Laila Tov Saga #4 Laila Tov Wins Champion title!
The Laila Tov Saga #3 Dr. Baum's great-granddaughter named Best of Winners!
The Laila Tov Saga #2 Fessie's Frenchie Competes in her first Big Girl Dog Show - or - The X Factor
Laila Tov Saga #1  Laila Tov, Dr. Baum's great-granddaughter, competes in Ventura dog shows.
Fessel... It's always nice to rediscover why it is that you like doing what you do... First Episode in the Saga of Fessie Series
When Fessie Met Cousteau...Episode 2 in the Saga of Fessie Series
Looking for Love... Episode 3 in the Saga of Fessie Series
Hot Fessie...Episode 4 in the Saga of Fessie Series
A Pregnant Pause ...
Chicken of the Sea
A Case of Mistaken Identity
Mabel Bourne


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