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Serving the Los Angeles Community since 1969

10737 Venice Blvd.  
Los Angeles, CA 90034 
(310) 559-3770  Full range of pet care and emergency  veterinary services available

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Information and Tips on
Pet Health
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Have questions about your pet(s) physical condition or behavior? Click a topic below to see a list of specific articles and Q&A's:

How to Bathe Your Pet
Pet Euthanasia -- Killing 'em with Kindness --
Pet Skin Problems
Pet backaches, other chronic pain in cats and dogs
Diabetes In Pets -- Signs, Symptoms, Treatment
What, When and How Much to Feed Your Pet
Pet Medications -- Guidelines
Got a question about your pet's teeth?
Vaccines -- When, Which Should Your Pets Get?

Breathing and Respiratory Allergies in Pets

Help for Your Pregnant Dog
Bunny Health Care Tips
Cat Behavior Issues
Dog Behavior Issues
Reptile corner: Snakes, Geckos
Bird Questions: Parrots, Parakeets, etc., Beaks, Feather Plucking and more
Seasonal Health Care Tips for Pets and Their Humans
FAQ's about Pet Surgery
Miscellaneous Pet Health Care Info, including
Weird Bunny Facts

How to Bathe Your Pet

Pet Bathing Tips by Dr. B
How often is too often to bathe my Yorkie -- his skin is red and flaky. Tips on flea shampoos and other bathing tips.
Grooming the Reluctant Doggie
Help! Our little 8 week old kittens are miserable from fleas. Is a flea bath OK at this age?

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Pet Skin Problems --Treating Itchy, Flaky Skin, Bald Spots

My cocker spaniel's fur smells unbearably bad!
What can I do about my cocker spaniel's awful rashes?
What can I do about my dog's itchy belly?
What should I do about my kitty's matted fur?
Treating Dry Skin in Pets
New!  Dr. B creates new treatment protocol for mitey unusual case -- cocker spaniel with persistent face lesions.
Dr. Baum on itchy boa constrictor snakes
A Hairy Situation! Factors to consider when cats and dogs shed constantly, and their humans start having trouble breathing!
Eek! What should I do about my slightly skinned gerbil?

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Chronic Pain in Dogs and Cats

Oh, my aching back! Dr. B discusses causes and treatments for chronic back and other pains in dogs and cats.
Hip and elbow dysplasia in dogs
What can I do about my lab/pit bull mix, who has arthritis and is dragging and chewing his tail?

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Diabetes in Pets
Signs, Symptoms, Treatment

Where Has All The Water Gone? What does increased water drinking by your pet mean?
Increased Water Consumption, Part 2: Diabetes?
I have a rat terrier who is drinking and urinating frequently...does this need to be checked by my vet?

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What, When and How Much Should You Feed Pets

What are the best foods for pets? An article that addresses this frequently asked question from visitors.  
Is BARF any way to treat my dog? (raw food diets for pets)
Table Scraps: To Feed or Not to Feed Pets
Livin' Large...The issue of overweight in cats and dogs.  See also Health Alert: Walking your dog to fight obesity for your canine and you!
My dog's got bladder stones. Is it the foods he's eating?
What should I feed 4 1/2 week old kittens I'm trying to wean?

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Pet Medications

My kitty is sneezing, coughing and vomiting...Read why Dr. Baum recommends against over-the-counter remedies
Is baby aspirin OK for my Schnauzer dog -- he's walking stiffly as though he has arthritis.

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Pet Dental Questions

Pet teeth cleaning at Center-Sinai Animal Hospital

Pet Dental Health -- Why Do Our Furry Friends Need Dental Health Care?
My Great Pyrenees dog has lost a tooth on a towel. Is this normal?
My 6 mo. old kitten has lost a fang and back tooth. Is this normal?
How long are blood tests good for my cat's teeth cleaning?
What is the length of time blood tests are good for dog's teeth cleaning?
Help! What do I do about my cat's green gums?
If you live in Los Angeles, California, you might want to check our weekly low cost dental clinics and specials on pet dental care.

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Vaccines for Pets

Vaccines -- When are they appropriate? And what is appropriate?
Snake in the Grass: What you can do to protect your pets from snake bites
At what age can I safely let my kitten outside?  And what shots does she need?
When can I let my kitten out? Part 2...Dr. B addresses considerations for questioner from Scotland.
Live in the Los Angeles area, and need pet vaccinations? CSAH offers low cost clinics every week.

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Breathing Difficulties and Respiratory Allergies in Pets

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Help for Your Pregnant Dog

Dr. Baum's guide to pregnancy in your dog, plus birthing tips
Ask Dr. Baum: Is it OK to let dog pal or mate near pregnant St. Bernard?
Chocolate lab was nursing, but puppies were taken and she has green nipples. Help!
OMG! Can my li'l Chihuahua get my big Pit Bull pregnant?

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Pet Behavior Issues

Cat Behavior Questions
New: Should we take our cat traveling with us?

New: Help! Our 10 week old kitten is running up our legs...to play with water! How can we get her to stop? It hurts! Plus, she nurses a lot on blanket. Is this OK?

The Cat and the Diddle: How your vet can help you  stop a female cat's screaming during estrus
What can I do about our cat's scratching the furniture (and ruining it and our sleep!), Dr. Baum?
Should I worry about my two male cats' shall we say, sizzling amour?
My cat was neutered recently, and now he's masturbating frequently. What should I do?
Cat's getting kicked out of bed for masturbating! See also What can I do about my cat's frequent masturbating?
My cat's waking every three hours, meowing and  distraught. What can I do?
What can I do to get my two month old adorable but very hyper kitten to stop biting?
Dr. Baum, my cat keeps biting his tail until it bleeds!
Dr. Baum, my kitten's passing very smelly gas. What can I do?
What is your cat trying to tell you? Tips on translating the signs of cat moods.

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Dog Behavior Questions


My Chihuahua eats her own poop! What can I do to stop her?
My blue pit bull dog bites his tail so much that it bleeds! Help, Dr. Baum!
Are my Shih Tzu's doggie licks normal?
My Shih Tzu dog is licking his paw constantly!
How do I get my dog to stop biting and barking in the house?
Is it OK for doggies to lick babies' faces?
What can I do about my lab/pit bull mix, who has arthritis and is dragging and chewing his tail?
Dog and Human Obesity linked? What you can do to get both of you slim and healthier! See also Livin' Large...The issue of overweight in cats and dogs

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Seasonal Health Care Tips for You and Your Pet

Dr. Baum and Dog Extraordinaire Gadi appeared on NBC TV in Florida to discuss how to protect your dog during the dog days of summer. Link not available. But the article is: New! Summer tips for your pet's health -- HOT DOGS AND COOL CATS
Winter Pet Care Tips
Fall and Holiday Pet Health Care Tips

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Pet Surgery FAQ's

Frequently Asked Pet Pre-Op Questions
Frequently Asked Pet Post-Op Questions
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Miscellaneous Pet Health Care Questions

Travel tips -- Have fun when you take your pet with you on a trip!
Dr. Baum, when should I neuter or spay kittens?
How old should puppies be when I take them to be neutered or spayed?
What about kittens? How old should they be for spaying or neutering?
What is the right frequency for pet medical checkups?
What should we consider in choosing a family pet?
What are the signs of aging in pets, what do older pets need, and how can you help care for your older pet?
Pet Health Alert: Pets suffer when Humans use Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)--What you can do to keep your pets safe
VERY IMPORTANT! How do I artificially inseminate my rats?
What do Pelicans and Chelation have in Common?
The Weird Things about Rabbits: A look at odd rabbit facts, and surprising similarities between bunnies and cats
Black Rooster Getting Up Early Has Its Rewards
Should you clone your pet?
SAVE ON YOUR VET BILLS -- Tips to help you save money when taking your pet to your vet
Help rescue pets handle anxieties when you bring them to their new home with you
Dr. B, what can I do for my constipated cat?

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cats, dogs, birds, reptiles, bunnies and other pets         

Still have a question? Ask Dr. B! Remember, if it's urgent, Dr. B says call your local vet ASAP to insure your pet gets care he or she needs in a timely way.



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